Sofar Sounds

In the past few years Sasha has been involved with the top organization  for secret, exclusive live shows. She is the former City Leader of Sofar Tel-Aviv and a former Sofar New York ambassador. Currently she is performing with them monthly. 

Faith In Destiny 

While in Chicago, Sasha played the lead female in the feature film directed by the award winning director and producer James Choi. Movie can be found HERE.

Artistic director & producer

Sasha has directed and produced videos, short films and live shows, focusing on story telling, impactful imagery and meaningful connections. 

Fink - official music video 

Compass - music video 

Friend Zone - short film 

Leaving You Behind - music video 

The Attic - fundraiser 

Sasha directed and producer an intimate fundraiser show for a new facility of mentally disabled adults in the north of Israel, in order to bring more artistic and exciting activities into their lives.